Encouragement, Support, and Challenge

By Luis H. Garay

Over the weekend I got this overwhelming feeling. No, it wasn’t a feeling of satiety from mom’s home cooking (hello being home for the holidays!). It was an overwhelming feeling of another sort.

 As is my habitual experience when I’m back in my hometown, I spent time catching up with old friends. Over the course of meals, we caught up on each other’s lives. For me,  I told of the past semester, how time with my family for the holidays had been transpiring, and how I was on the job search all while convening my last semester of graduate school.

In talking about the job search, I confided both my nervousness and excitement. Nervous to be graduating and finding a full-time job but also excited for the last leg of graduate school and seeing where the job search would take me.

Each friend offered their encouragement and support by way of reminding me of how ready I was for the next step. These friends have known for many years. They have seen me go from student leader in undergraduate to graduate assistant in graduate school.  Their wisdom, time, and knowledge mean everything for me. I am forever thankful for this.

These friends though are also not afraid to challenge me while also supporting me (I’d say they have Astin down pat…). They are not afraid to make me think critically about a viewpoint or opinion of mine. I can also count on them to give me new insights into something I’ve never thought about before. I relish in this and know it only helps me grow. 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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