Concrete Examples & the Job Search

by Stefanie Lucas - Waverly

Coming up with specific and concrete examples is one of the most important aspects of a successful interview. Sharing what you learn in the classroom and how you are applying it to your work is an excellent way to answer questions. Preparing specific examples that can be applied to many questions will likely make you feel more comfortable going into the job search.

Here are a few common questions asked during the job search to get you thinking. Make sure you answer the “what,” “why,” and the “how” of the question.

  1. What do you think is the most critical issue facing students today?
-          What is the most critical issue?
-          Why is it the most critical issue?
-          How have you seen this play out?
  1. Can you give me an example of a time you utilized a student development theory?
    1. What is the theory?
    2. Why did you use it?
    3. How did you see the theory to practice?
  2. Why do you have an interest in working at X University?
    1. What is the interest?
    2. Why do you have an interest?
    3. How do you see this playing out?
  3. What practical experience can you bring to this office?
    1. What is your experience?
    2. Why is this your experience?
    3. How will it play out in this specific office?
  4. Can you give an example of a time you worked with a student to create a program?
    1. What was the program?
    2. Why did you create the program?
    3. How did it play out?

Oftentimes I have seen candidates talk too much about a specific theory and not give an actually example. The more specific examples of your experience you can give the more the interviewer can get to know you.  Yes, it is very important you understand Sanford’s challenge and support theory; however, how have you implemented challenging and supporting a student and what was the outcome?

Practice answering questions and make sure to keep your answers concise. Ask faculty members, supervisors, or members of your cohort to practice with you.

Contact me if you ever want to practice or have questions @Stefanie_Lucas.

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