The Winter Season: Protecting Your Loved Ones

by Katie LaSota

A few weeks ago a college student in Duluth, Minnesota was found outside her neighbor’s house severely frost bitten. Ever since I heard about this story, I have been thinking about how this whole situation could have gone differently. First off, this student had been tweeting about how much she had been drinking that night. As a female in my mid-twenties, I have been starting to realize how truly dangerous it is for anyone to drink to the point of inebriation. For women especially, it is important to take that extra step to protect yourself and always be in control of your body. For this student that would have changed her whole night and the after effects of the night of drinking that she will always be dealing with. This situation is also proving to be a good reminder that it is important to protect and watch your friends when you know that they have been drinking. Depending on tolerance levels, some people do not seem drunk at times when they really are. This is when we have to make sure that we are protecting each other. Above all, what really gets me is that this student was not properly dressed for Minnesota weather. In this article, she is quoted as wearing “blue jeans, Ugg boots, a sweater and a light jacket.” While I also make poor decisions about how to dress in the winter time, this part is so unfortunate. For one, this is a typical outfit for many students during the winter season. It might be possible that students need to be educated on how to dress when the weather is so unbearably cold. As a Hall Director, I have experienced residents/students needing to be educated on how to properly wash their cloths so it is not outrageous to think that they need to be educated on dressing for the weather.It is now time to start talking about how weather effects the safety of our students from another angle.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. Wow! Katie! What a crazy situation. I've lived in Texas all my live and the thought of a student freezing nearly to death has never crossed my mind! Thanks for the post! Hope you're enjoying the holiday break!

  2. Thanks for your response. When it gets extremely cold here it's hard to want to go outside at all. I cannot imagine being stuck outside for any long amount of time. I am kind of jealous that you are in Texas. It must be slightly warmer there!


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