Snow Day!!

by Jenni Kraft

My campus, Austin College, is a residential campus (80% live on campus) so it takes a lot to cancel classes. Well, this weekend we had a winter storm with mostly sleet providing the campus and greater Texoma/Dallas area with about 3 inches of ice on the roads. This is a pretty cold experience for someone that has never lived in an area cold enough for snow… but it has been beautiful and exciting.

With all the ice, our classes were canceled on Friday! That means everyone has the day off!!!! …Except essential staff: AKA the Student Life Team! Since the students couldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) do anything outside safely, I was charged with programing last minute for a full day with students! Working with what we had, we created family game night in our student center and in all the halls, and we looked up old Christmas movies that had expired copyright to show movies in the student center. In addition, my Campus Activities Board already had a gingerbread house making competition (co-sponsored by our Habitat for Humanity club… cute huh) planned and with not much else to do, these programs turned out to be a great hit!

The rest of the weekend has been fairly quite as all the students have literally been trapped on campus. This, coincidently, creates a great environment for studying for finals! It has really been “an ICE” weekend for everyone! The students enjoyed having Friday off and now they are even enjoying Monday as an extra study day as our finals schedule was re-arranged. Here’s to all those students (undergrad to graduate) studying or writing for their finals!

Jenni with an “I”

P.S. Here’s a fun pic of me and my puppy Pepper Ann at her first winter storm, she apparently loves them!

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