Parents: Seeing them as your Partner

by Katie LaSota

Starting a new position is always hard because it takes time to learn the institution and it processes. I have been at St. Cloud State University for a few weeks now and have been working with student room changes before winter break. For residential life people, there are always three groups of students in the process. The first resident is the one that follows the process and does everything by the book. The second resident is the one that has been approved to move but is confused about the direction regardless of them being discussed in their move out letter. The last resident is the one that has not made an attempt to tell anyone in residential life that they are unhappy in their living situation until the last minute. It is common to work with all three of these types of residents during this time of the year. Just last week I worked with a resident to get her into a new room. This residents parent had been calling for a few days asking why the resident needed to move out. While researching I found no information that made me believe that she was told by my office that she needed to move out of her current room. While trying to get ahold of this resident I got another phone call from her parent. This phone call allowed for me to get information about the student and to find out what the resident was saying to the parent. I was also able to get the residents contact information so I could handle the situation as soon as possible. While searching for the resident in the building I found this resident moving out. After a few minutes of conversation, I decided that the resident needed a room immediately. It took me a total of five minutes to find this resident a space in the building due to help from an awesome room coordinator. It was a great feeling to help this resident and to see the look of relief on their face once I told them where they would be going. Without this parent’s involvement with their student, I would not have been able to help them. The next day I got a phone call from the parent thanking me for being so helpful. This was a reminder of why working in this field is so rewarding and why it is important to use parents when you can.   

Student Affairs - the First Years

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