Bey Confident. Bey Vulnerable. Bey Yourself.

By Lindsay Ritenbaugh

Instead of attending the Beyoncé concert tonight, I'm settling for her new album (perfect timing) and this blog post. As I listened to each song and watched all the videos on her latest (and unannounced) iTunes self-titled release, I thought back on my life and how much Beyoncé's music has played a role in pivotal moments in my life. 
  • She rocked my high school experience via Destiny's Child. I don't think I was ready for that jelly
  • She helped me come out of my shell during college. Thanks to my Queen Bey-induced shaking to Crazy in Love, I won a sorority talent couples' pageant with one of my good friends. 
  • She became my ringtone/alarm clock the morning of my 2010 divorce proceedings. All the Single Ladies earned a whole new meaning that day. Irreplaceable helped, too. If only Best Thing I Never Had were already in existence, I could have had the most amazing playlist trifecta.
  • She completed my 2013 Super Bowl experience.
  • She dominated the playlist during my first ever 10K and came on at just the right times when I felt like giving up. Jamming out to Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix) along the Chicago Lakeshore was EVERYTHING.
  • She helped me perfect the efficiency of a 3:17 morning shower while listening to Love on Top. Holy key changes.
  • She has been immortalized on YouTube by the likes of Todrick Hall and Pentatonix.
All of this reminded me of what Beyoncé embodies:

Beautiful. Confident. Vulnerable. Talented. Reflective. Wife. Mother. Daughter. Superstar. Human.

Best of all, she doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks. Beyond her utter creativity, fierce talent, and musical abilities, Beyoncé wasn't lying when she asked who ran the world. From the feminist undertones to her songs to the way she exudes confidence, Beyoncé gets it WHILE getting it done. A student affairs colleague nailed it with her earlier blog post re: Beyoncé's latest album release: Make it yours.

Bey Confident. Bey Vulnerable. Bey Yourself.

While the entire album clearly doesn't disappoint, shout out to Pretty Hurts, Jealous, Flawless, Blue, and the bonus video on the album that transcends time. Baby Beyoncé says it best: 

I'm a grown woman. I can do whatever I want.

UPDATE: Sing it, church girl.

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