All Aboard! Next stop: Job Search City

By Luis H. Garay

I am here”, I say as I look around. Where is here, you ask? I’m on the platform ready to board the train for Job Search City.After multiple times packing and repacking, I am ready to set off!
I packed my suitcase for the first time some time ago. When I first packed my suitcase, something didn’t seem right. It’s not that it was too empty or too full. It just didn’t feel ready to go. Itook everything out and knew I was going to be repacking it for a while before it felt “just right”.
When I talk about “packing my suitcase” I refer to preparing my resume for the job search. It has taken three times of repacking so I could feel that my suitcase was good to go.
My first repacking was in late October. I sent out my resume to various people in my network (both in the field and not in the field) to critique my resume. They told me what worked and did not work. They also advised me on how to rearrange. My second repackaging was for the mentorship program through the NODA Association for their annual conference. I was to send my resume and a cover letter to my assigned mentor. My mentor helped me make sense of resume and highlighted strengths and weaknesses. My last repacking was when I came back from the NODA Conference, I tweaked my resume some more, began working on my cover letter writing, and started seriously looking at job postings. When I started to pack my suitcase once again, it felt right. I knew this time my first suitcase would feel right. 

As I’m waiting on the platform I think, “I’m eager for this train rideTruth be told, I’m excited to be on board soon. I’m excited to see where I stop along the way or maybe I won’t stop andarrive straight at my destination.

Maybe during my train ride to Job Search City I’ll share stories and updates on my journey. I may even send out a postcard or two from my travels. For now, here I stand, a little nervous butthrilled for the journey. I’m a person who enjoys travelling and who enjoys the journey just as much as the destination. I know I’ll be all right”, I reassure myself.

Oh, I think I hear the train whistle. Wait…I do! I’ll be boarding soon.  Got to make sure I have everything with me and my suitcase is ready to go. Don’t want to miss the train!

Are you also on the platform waiting for the train or are you already on board? I’d love to hear where you are on your journey and how you are feeling. Tweet me at @LuisHGaray!

Thanks for reading! =)

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