The Home Stretch of the Semester

By Luis H. Garay

Well, here we are. The home stretch to my third semester of graduate school—it’s crazy that only one more semester is left. As the old saying goes, where did the time go? No, I’m serious. It just seems like yesterday I was moving from Chicago to Warrensburg. It just seems like hours ago I was on a flight from Philadelphia to Chicago ending my summer and internship experience. To be honest, if I had to do a quick self-check in: I’m tired. Very tired.

This semester was a rough semester academically. October, though done over two weeks ago, took a lot out of me. The semester was rough not necessarily due to the level of difficulty of classes. I think in some ways more was expected of us graduates this semester. I also like to think the type of energy I dispel this semester is different. Whereas last year was a great deal of acclimation to my graduate assistantship and the graduate school/graduate student experience, this semester is a lot more of intentional energy in the aforementioned. I feel myself exuding a lot more confidence in my graduate assistantship work and graduate student work. I have figured out (better word may be ‘conquered’) the learning curve! Yippee!
There is officially three weeks of classes before the end of the semester. For my cohort, it’s really two weeks as we do not have final examinations during final weeks and all end-of-the-semester course work is turned by then.

Two weeks of projects. Two weeks of tests. Two weeks of papers. I can do this! I can do this….with a little (read: a lot) of help from coffee and sheer determination. Okay, the last part may have been a tad of an over exaggeration. In all seriousness though, the end of the semester is close and with the holiday breaks coming up it will be nice to relax.

To all those in a similar boat as me: we are almost there! We can do it!

Time to check-in. How are you doing at this point in the semester? Any advice for making it through the end of the semester? As always, tweet me at @LuisHGaray! 

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