Taking Time for Myself

By Tamera Dunn

In a few short weeks, the Fall 2013 semester will be over. For many of my fellow graduate students, the happy moment of beginning an extended period of “me time” cannot come soon enough.

However, this brings an important question into play: why do we push off time for self-love until we conceivably have no other responsibilities on our plate? I’m not saying one should quit showing up to their assistantship in order to indulge in a pedicure or that one should skip class in favor of a chill night in front of the television, but I am saying there isn’t a conceivable reason you should feel obligated to always be working during your waking hours.

I’ve realized few things are better for me than getting a full night’s sleep and making sure I do at least one thing I find enjoyable each day. While my version of fun may be far different than yours, taking the time to do something I enjoy gives me motivation to push through things I don't particularly enjoy.

Moral of this: take time for you. Remember to show yourself that YOU are important. Make sure you are being a positive role model of self-love for those you spend your days and nights around in your classes and assistantship.

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