Motivation All Around Me

by Tolu Taiwo

One of my “extracurricular activities” that doesn’t involve watching Netflix shows and baking at 2 a.m. is serving on the Journal Board for the Journal of Student Affairs at Colorado State. It’s a good way for me to fulfill my nerdy editor/reader outlet and learn about different research topics in the field of student affairs, as well as hang out with more members of my cohort and the cohort above me. We usually do super cool things anyway, such as create review rubrics and discussing the content relevance of submissions (I told you: nerd), but this weekend, we upped the ante by packing up our bags, hopping on a plane, and heading over to St. Louis for the annual Association for the Studies of Higher Education National Conference (ASHE).

ASHE . Plus, the sessions this year were all my dreams and more: among other things, I got to learn about the experiences of African American women senior level officers, how racial based hate-crimes are handled at universities, and how peer-to-peer coaching methods help undergraduates. No big deal, but I’m thinking about framing my ASHE 2013 Guidebook over my bed.

Being at St. Louis gave me a chance to connect with other graduate student researchers (I think I developed about seven crushes), a chance to network, and a chance to hang out with the other member of Journal Board outside of Fort Collins. But more than that, this weekend gave my motivation the jump-start it needed. When I first came into the program, I was really excited for the new education trends I could research, the articles I would get to read, and the students that I could help by emerging myself in all the knowledge possible. Somewhere along the line, I went from being all gung-ho about writing a potential thesis to complaining about how much I need to read, and I think it’s time to remind myself that I came into this field because I WANTED to learn about certain things. Now, I’m not saying that the work load isn’t hard, or that I’ll never complain about Research Methods, or that I won’t wish at times that I could just go to bed already (let’s be real: very few things beat sleep). However, I re-found my purpose. There are a ton of questions, hypothesizes, and interests that I have, and it’s time to act on my willingness to learn and input knowledge. First things first, though: it’s time for me to stop procrastinating, and work on my research term paper!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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