Mission Driven

By Stefanie Lucas

If you don't know the mission of your institution, you're having an identity crisis!#AIMHOCollege #DrMarieHumphrey

I completely resonate with the above tweet from @aimhocollege. To this day I can quote the mission from my undergraduate institution, and each place I have studied or worked since is extremely mission driven. From land grant public institution to an institution focused on mineralsand mineral engineering, my experience is broad.

When considering institutional “fit,” reviewing the mission statement can be one of the best determining factors. If the mission excites you, dig deeper and see how it plays out on campus.

Here are a few questions I asked during my most recent job search:

  • How does the mission of the institution impact academics and student life?
  • How does this department support the mission of this university?
  • Can you talk about how staff work together to support the mission?
  • Can you talk about a program that supports the mission of the institution?
These questions helped me realize I not only agree with the mission, but it would integrate into my work everyday. In my current role, I coordinate large-scale admission events for perspective studentsand spend a great deal of time gathering stories and hearing about experiences that support the mission.

I could write several blog posts about the importance of knowing and believing in the mission of your institution, but I want to hear your thoughts!

Do you think it is important to know the mission of your institution? Why?

Why should (or should not) our work be mission driven?

Tweet me your responses @Stefanie_Lucas.

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