Lock your Room!

by Katie LaSota

In my two years of being a Residence Director, I have learned that every year is going to be different. This year has proven to be particularly challenging and demanding as opposed to last year because I am having more community conduct issues. I am at a small, private, women’s, Liberal Arts institution were the majority of residents feel very safe. You might now be asking what I mean by ‘feeling safe. For example, it is common for residents to leave their room unlocked while away or leave their computer and book bag unattended in the library. For some students, they find out the hard way that they should not have left their items unattended. This year more and more items are being taken out of the laundry room and common spaces (especially refrigerators). I am looking for some suggestions to create a culture where residents are more proactive in protecting their belongings. What have you experienced and done with your residents?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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