Challenge Yo Self

By Lindsay Ritenbaugh

21 days remain until Thanksgiving. For those of you celebrating with friends and family, you will most likely indulge in a feast with a high caloric intake. If you’re like me, you’ve had too much Halloween candy that’s conveniently been placed on the front desk in your workplace. One of my friends posted this 21 day challenge on Instagram and it inspired me to be more intentional about my food choices leading up to the holiday season (and beyond):
  • No chips 
  • No soda 
  • No DIET soda 
  • No chocolate 
  • No candy 
  • No white breads 
  • No cookies or biscuits 
  • No fast food 
  • No cakes, pastries, or muffins
Admittedly, I would rather complete a challenge that is written more positively. Instead of focusing on the foods I have been challenged NOT to eat, I am going to enjoy the ones that are not on this list. Some of these will be much easier than others, but I encourage you to join me. I also have a colleague who recently started a Nike+ challenge for the month of November. Student affairs professionals from around the country will be running/walking 11 miles a week and I have elected to participate in this as well. Join us! Instead of treating yo self, why not challenge yo self?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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