1st Year Grad Survival

by Tolu Taiwo

I am pleased to announce that the 1st year SAHE CSU cohort made it through October, also known within the student affairs circles as “SAHE Sucks” month. This past weekend, many of us found ourselves with “time on our hands” (a.k.a we only had work and/or housing duty, weekly readings, and an online quiz and midterm to worry about), so if anyone is wondering what student affairs graduate students do with their weekend when it’s NOT super-intense crunch time, here is a sneak peek at what some of my cohort members and I decided to do:

  • Go out in the downtown area on Halloween. Count how many insensitive costumes you find and shake your head at the undergraduates. But be happy, because you’re with your awesome cohort friends, and you’re wearing a panda suit. 
  • Travel to Denver for Halloween Friday. But leave to go home fairly early, because, well, grad student bedtime. OR, if you’re more responsible than that, throw a Halloween Party in town, because who has time to drive an hour down to Denver?
  • Throw your Student Development Theory binder up in the air and exclaim “I’M A FREE WOMAN.”
  • Pick up your papers because, darn it, your folder in order, and throwing things in the air is overrated and time-consuming. 
  • Go on a brewery tour (also known as the great Fort Collins pastime) and look at the Downtown Lighting Ceremony. Get a sense of how beautiful Fort Collins is, and how lucky you are to be here.
  • Take that 58-question research online midterm. Try not to mentally give up after question 17 because SAHE kids never quit.
  • In fact, just do the majority of your homework. You have a less busy weekend, not a vacation. 
  • “Clean” your apartment, or, in other words, take an hour to pick a movie to watch with your cohort buddies; only watch 20 minutes of it.
  • Go fundraiser-bowling with your Student of Color Network group. Maybe you’ll carry the team. Or maybe you’ll be the worst person in your lane and win the “lowest score” award. It doesn’t matter. NO ONE CAN JUDGE YOU.
  • Sleep. For more. Than 5 hours. And relish the feeling. Just…take it all in.
I think the best part of this weekend wasn’t that we had more free time, or that we did some pretty fun things on Halloween, but that our cohort spent a good amount of time with each other. Whether we’re trying to figure out what to do for Halloween, or trying not to boycott Research Methods after spending a whole day on SPSS projects, it’s good to know that we are all in this together.

What do you and your cohort or coworkers do during a short “down” period?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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