Board of Trustees

by Jenni Kraft

Phew! Last Friday was a pretty exciting day! It was Board of Trustees weekend (or BOT weekend). Typically, my role doesn’t do all that much except to prepare and make sure the student center is ready for their arrival (spit spot)! Well this time, I was asked to speak about the development of our leadership conferences and the impact they have had on the students.

One of my first assignments was to create a one page Executive Brief. My first thought was, “We did a thousand of those in grad school!” and I was all over it. It took about 30 minutes to put together and I sent it to my director (and thus my vice president) to review. They loved it! Then I was told to plan on 10 minutes of introducing the programs we have put together and what the results have been. Well the information was easy to present because I had been the one planning it from day one! It was the fact that I had to present to THE Board of Trustees! What pressure!

As it turns out, they were all really great friendly people who simply have a genuine interest in bettering the school. I was really excited to meet one in particular, when I found out that her daughter was the Austin College alumni I had asked to be our first keynote speaker! It was a bit nerve racking at first, but once I started working the room and sharing my passion for the programs I had been working on, it was quite enjoyable. My favorite question at the end was, “are you looking for funding, because I think this would be worth it!” Of course the answer was yes! It’s only my second year and I’m so honored to be given the opportunity to speak to our “BOT.” Have any of you been able to do something you didn’t think you would get to do yet?

~Jenni with an “I”


Student Affairs - the First Years

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