We Are All In This Together!

by Maritza Torres

Recently, a good friend a mine got a job. Right now she is the middle of relocating across the United States. With that entails the tedious and sometimes frustrating (or perhaps exciting) process of apartment hunting! She has shared with me how frustrating the process has been and how realtors have not gotten back to her and how finding an apartment within her price range seems impossible. I shared with her that it will work itself out in the end and to just keep positive. I know she probably does not see the light at the end of the tunnel but I know she will eventually. Her experience brings me memories of when I had to relocate from one state to another. I have done that process 4 times already and luckily it has been between two states: Florida and Illinois. I do agree that coordinating movers, friends to help you move, packing, transportation, and finding an apartment was a pretty painful process. However, I was lucky enough that in my numerous moves I had a HUGE support system of friends and family. Starting in a new place is not easy so it is important that you find a strong support system. In each place I have moved I have been fortunate enough to have a strong support system. I had fellow colleagues reach out to me as I started my new job and luckily those colleagues became friends and mentors. 

Starting a new place any point in your career is intimidating and nerve racking. Being the new kid at school is not always fun. Whenever we have a new employee I make a conscious effort to check in on them and ask them how their transition is going. We all have been in their shoes so I think it’s especially important to show as much support as possible.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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