Time for a Change

by Maritza Torres

I’m currently looking for a change. What that change is I do not know but I’m open to suggestions.  Whether it’s signing up for a 10k, getting a new hair cut, or taking a trip to explore a new city I just want to do something new. Over the next few days I’m going to ask friends, family, mentors, some students and social media for suggestions. I’m curious to see what people suggest that represent different aspects of my life.

The change is not because I’m unhappy. For the most part I’m happy! I have a great job, awesome friends and family, and everything that I need to just be. I think I just want to do something out of my normal routine or perhaps a new challenge. I’m looking forward to the responses I will receive and another exciting week!

In the following week’s Blog Post I’m going to post some of the suggestions that were given to me. I hope to actually make a decision then but who knows! 

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  1. Maritza, I'm so excited for you to explore some of these changes! Whatever you do, don't forget to take pictures (especially if you explore a new city)!


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