The Second-Year Rant

by Tamera Dunn

Second-year graduate students think they’ve got it (mostly) figured out. You’ve navigated a full year of graduate studies, possibly an assistantship, and by now, potentially an internship. Odds are, you suddenly joined the hordes who CARE ABOUT EVERY POINT. Every. Last. Point.
News flash: they really, really do NOT have it all figured out. (Or at least, I haven’t.)
Unexpected surprises come up. The potential for growth lies in your response to these situations. The past few weeks have featured two difficult group projects, my car being towed (twice!) and the ensuing repair bill, being a general klutz, etc.
Frustrating? Absolutely. However, I am now sitting here administering some RICE to my foot (casualty of bedroom rearranging). Sitting still with minimal walking definitely gives one plenty of time to think. Unplanned session of reflection - check.
The midterm portion of the semester is upon many, and with it, the fuses are short. Remember to think about the impact of your explosion before you let loose. I have found some of my own strategies for ensuring I keep it under control in public. What techniques do you use? Tweet about it - I’d love to have a conversation! @TameraADunn

Student Affairs - the First Years

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