Student Affairs Newbies

By Tolu Taiwo

These past couple week the student affairs department as a whole has been juggling so many things at once: homecoming weekend, major papers due, Careers in Student Affairs month, seminars, retreats, and all that jazz. The first-year cohort is scrambling to get their research methods first draft done, the second-year cohort is determined to pass their law exam, and our supervisors and advisors…well, I’m sure they’re trying to survive October, a.k.aone of the busiest months in student affairs.

We’ve been pretty wrapped up in our school and assistantship/job bubble. However, I’ve been reminded of a world outside my CSU SAHE experience, a world where seniors and new professionals come to me for advice, asking about my time here as a student and wondering what it’s like to live in Fort Collins. It’s graduate application season, and I’m looking forward to seewhich students apply to which schools…especially who applies to CSU!

It’s kind of amazing to be on the other side of this process. This time last year, I was scrambling to figure out my schools. I talked to many student affairs professionals at my undergraduate institution, Facebook messaged first-years from different schools and asked them a million questions, and emailed student affairs departments that caught my interest. I bugged one of my advisors to read my personal statements so many times, I’m surprised that he still keeps in touch with me to this day. There were a lot of freak-outs…and cross-outs…and mind-changing…BUT. The point IS, I made it, thanks to the wonderful professionals and graduate students that were able to help me out throughout the fall. I’m excited to potentially help out prospective students (I mean…hopefully I’m helping them out, and not turning them off CSU!), and I commend all of you student affairs practitioners and students who are also making the lives of these students easier.  

For all you prospective student affairs graduate students, don’t worry. Take a deep breath, pick your schools, and remember that you will get through this period of applications and interview weekends triumphantly. And also remember that you can talk to any one of us in the field about our graduate school experiences. If you ask nicely, maybe we’ll even edit your personal statements…twenty-thousand times.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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