Slowing Down

by Stefanie Lucas-Waverly

I am a go, go, go type person! I enjoy being busy, and after most workdays I do some type of workout from Zumba to a nice long run. I recently moved to Minnesota and transitioned to a new job (which I love!), and running was a good way to get some quiet time in to reflect and explore my new community. Last week I ran my second half marathon on a bad ankle, went to the doctor on Wednesday and ended up with this lovely accessory…
My very own walking boot! I have a stress fracture on my ankle and will be in the boot for at least four weeks. I guess it is a good reminder to slow down, take the time to enjoy the fall, and find some quiet time to reflect without running. The past few days I have enjoyed the stationary bike and some free weights.

You better believe I will be back to long distance running before the end of the year, though I hope it is before Minnesota’s first bad winter storm!

What are your best strategies for fitting in time for reflection, especially when your normal routine needs to be adjusted or changed?

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