Lessons from This Week

by Jenni Kraft

I just had a few lessons after reflecting on this week that don’t entirely fall under one category to blog about :-) So here they are!

1. Call other people in your position! A few weeks ago we had a guest speaker inspire my students and inspire me. Well she introduced me (via email) to her college’s leadership office coordinator (which is some of what I do). We scheduled a conversation and we had a great brainstorming session on how we could both improve our leadership programs. We’ve both also offered to help do some presentations at each other’s campus as we are both understaffed and looking for ways to grow! I’m looking forward to meeting her in person next month!

2. There is such thing as decision making training and overload! I had a nice conversation on energy management with our college President and she gave me some advice on beginning to make small decisions (like where to eat or what to do) in order to eventually be able to make huge decisions (like a 6 year strategic plan). She also said that at her level, she has started to stop making the unimportant decisions (like what type of font to use on the letterhead and what to eat for lunch) so she has enough focus for the important ones. A very interesting conversation I would say!

3. In your second year, you can get more done! I’m sure this is true after each year you are at an institution. This year I’ve been able to join committees outside of my department to make a difference on campus and host several meetings on my own (with other Directors and even the Vice President)! It’s great to have someone be confident in your decision making skills and still be there to support you along the way!

4. Get an Ergonomic Keyboard!!! I refuse to say that I have carpal tunnel because I think I’m too young for that kind of stuff. The phrase I’ve agreed on is a “compressed nerve” which is an annoying ache in your wrist developed from using a keyboard/desk that is not properly set for your size (I’m 5’2”). Since I’ve had my keyboard my hand has gotten significantly better… even though I was hoping it wouldn’t so I could have an assistant do all my emails :D

5. Dance! I went to our campus “Garba” which is an Indian dance hosted by our Indian Student Association and Hindu Student Association. I truly love to dance and was so excited for them to invite me to their cultural dance program. I know it gave me energy… even if it was a workout. I was just happy to have the opportunity to do some sort of dance. So, maybe you don’t dance… well do something that you have a passion for outside of work that will give you energy!

Hope you enjoyed :D

Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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