If You Give a Grad Student a Cookie...

by Tamera Dunn

If You Give a Grad Student a Cookie
(They will be soooo grateful.)
Photo: Ahh calm. ♡♥♥♡ #baking #SundayFunday #hugsandkisses
(Yes, I really made those. I have two of the luckiest roommates ever. 😊)

For those of you who have not heard either “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” or “If You Give a Moose a Muffin”, the concept is this: once you give a cookie/muffin, you’ll certainly also need to provide a beverage. Of course, the beverage should come with a straw, because drinking from a glass is a no-no. The needs don’t stop there…the individual extending their generous baked good offer is then expected to provide more and more to complete the experience.

As graduate students, it often seems like we are being asked to complete one task, but truly expected to complete at least four. Or perhaps my to-do lists just seem to repopulate themselves in such a fashion…but somehow, I doubt I am alone. However, for some reason, we do not close down and give up on trying to accomplish it all - we find ways to become more productive, strive to have better time management skills, and learn a bit more on how we can best capitalize on our time available to be the best.

It may sound counterproductive initially, but taking the time to bake is one of my strategies to ensure I do not burn out. Whether it is cookies, cupcakes, or a new experiment, the time taken to bake helps me unwind or think through a difficult point in a paper. It’s truly a miracle I haven’t gained a ton of weight in grad school, since I tend to bake once a week…my classmates are so nice to help me out! 😉

What are your strategies for helping balance out the demands of your assistantship, graduate studies, and life? Tweet me! @TameraADunn

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