Home for the Weekend: Sweet Home Chicago!

By Luis H. Garay

The old saying is “home is where the heart is”. For me though, home is the various places that I have been fortunate to lay roots in. The place that has my longest roots is Chicago. I’m back home this weekend and loving every moment of it!

To be honest, I’m glad I decided to make my trip back here this weekend. Last year I came home for the Labor Day holiday with the next visit during Thanksgiving. However, that two and half months was way too long. This year I had decided to visit at the halfway point or close to it between moving back for grad school and the Thanksgiving holiday.

The reason this weekend is the best weekend to visit centers around how more full my work and school calendar will be starting October 1st. October is filled not only with the usual amounts of reading and the usual graduate assistantship work but multiple papers, tests, and exams that are due within close proximity of each other.

This weekend home is about recharging and relaxing before jumping head first into the pool of busyness that is October. I’ve enjoyed being home and sharing meals with my family. (Mom’s home cooking was definitely missed!) Also, catching up and spending time for friends from both high school and college have been great too! It is nice being able to stay in touch via texting or other apps but nothing beats a face-to-face conversation and sharing in moments together.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend! If you have a busy time coming up, here’s hopin’ you find some time for recharging and relaxing too!

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