Conferences: Contribute and Join!

by Katie LaSota

Last week I attended the Upper Midwest Region-ACUHO conference in St. Louis, MO. Those four days were full of networking and learning opportunities that were very valuable for my career. This conference also marked my first year volunteering to be on a committee for UMR. I got the opportunity to serve on the Social Just Committee. We handled tasks such as finding a featured speaker, planning an evening event and working with the conference site on getting gender neutral bathrooms. This committee allows for a good amount of experience for its committee members. Overall, the conference went well and our committee fulfilled all of its duties successfully. As a new member to UMR, it was invaluable to have this committee experience. At the least, it has allowed for me to connect with individuals and build my network. If you are considering involvement in your national organization I highly recommend it. Take that chance to gain a new experience… Don’t we ask our students to do the same?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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