Careers in Student Affairs: It’s Here!

by Katie LaSota
It’s that time of year again! I am sure that your institution is in the swing of Careers in Student Affairs programming and advertising, just like mine. I have been working with a colleague for the last two years on our institutions Careers in Student Affairs program and we have been developing a program that I am really proud of. This program can be daunting if you are not quite sure what to do. It can be challenging to get students to attend a program for this event if you do not already have a database of students that you know are interested in the profession. I believe that our program solves this issue for campus’ that have this problem.

The last two years we have interviewed Student Affairs profession
als asking them about various aspects of their jobs, how they got into student affairs and what advice they would have for students seeking out this profession. This year we interviewed students who work closely with Student Affairs professionals and asked them about their experience and what they have gained by doing so. All of these interviews were taped, edited and posted to our YouTube page. This program is great because it’s reusable, low cost and meets students where they are at. It also helps spread the word on what various offices do. My colleague and I hope that you enjoy our work! 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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