An Office Move, A New Office Name, and A First Staff Meeting

By Luis H. Garay

This week marks the fourth week of being a part of a new office. You see, the functional aspects of the previous office my graduate assistantship was under has merged with the functional aspects of another office. This creates the new office my graduate assistantship is housed under. What has been great is that personnel from both offices have merged too! An office of three is now an office six: three graduate assistants, two student affairs professionals, and one administrative professional.

How do I feel about the change? In short, I am really liking it and also learning all the parts that come with an office move, a new office name, and having a first staff meeting. On the office move, the current location of the office is in a building that has relatively minimal student traffic. However, all of us in the office have made it a point to invite as many students to our offices, be it for meetings in regards to our professional duties or just to stop in to say hi. It can be easy to automatically want to not be in a “quiet building” but I am trying as much as possible to stay in my building. On the office name, I enjoy the fact that our office in its name highlights the services that we provide but also is a fun acronym with many marketing possibilities. Our first staff meeting was recently and it was nice to be able to have a full understanding of all of our roles and responsibilities. It definitely helps in knowing when the respective students we all work with arrive at the office and someone is not there. We understand why the student is at our office and can extend as much help as we can.

I never realized the little things an office has to figure out with its inception: how do we answer the phone? Who covers the lunch hour? How do we go about sharing our schedules? What meeting information is everyone in the office privy to? If a student wants to schedule a meeting with us, should they do so through us or go through the office professional? If anyone has taken or is taking currently an organizational theory class (Bolman and Deal anyone?), this is a wonderful example of how an office organization starts to develop. It is great to see what I learned in class manifesting itself in front of me.

Want to know what I really love about all of this? It is getting to work in the same office space with one of my really good friends in my cohort! We’ve been nothing but smiles and giggles since we found out we would work for the same office and have been the same since the move. I enjoy being silly with this person and making time for coffee talks. They are such a radiant, bubbly, and positive person that when I get too stressed in my work I know I can turn to them for a shift in energy. In the previous office I was the only graduate assistant and now I have two others who can relate to my experience. I am definitely a person that is affected by the energy around me. The two other graduate assistants work hard in what they do and that energy is contagious. It is so contagious that I find myself pushing myself in my work as well.

Have any SAFirstYears reader been a part of an office move or office change? What was the experience like for you? Tweet me your thoughts at @LuisHGaray!

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