24 Hours Without A Voice

by Tamera Dunn

For twenty-four hours, I did not speak. As someone who truly enjoys interaction with other individuals, it was almost too much to not verbalize my thoughts, feelings, or emotions. I should point out that this was not by choice, but rather because I have been battling an odd cold where it simply hurt too much to talk.
When you surround yourself with a lack of talking on your own part, you hear far more of what is going on around you: the clicking and clacking of keys on the keyboard, the odd noises a phone makes, the moment when someone in the next room over drops something, the (annoying...) ice cream truck, and far more. Simply taking the time to listen and noting the world continued to rotate on its axis despite my lack of verbal contribution served as a reminder to continue to work on my active listening skills.
The plight of those individuals who will never be able to verbalize their thoughts was a mere inconvenience in my life. The power of communication involves being able to do far more than talk - one must listen intently. It is a far greater privilege when another allows you to listen than when one asks you to speak.
I'm curious - how do you think you would do without your voice for one day? Let’s start a conversation on Twitter - @TameraADunn.

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