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By Tamera Dunn a graduate student, I have attended a LOT of weddings and know many more are coming within the next few years. (No worries, none of them are my own. Haaaaaa.) While I love my friends dearly, it is difficult to plan and budget my time and money for these occasions.
Unlike you, the unique one who chose to go pursue your master’s degree, your friends are settling down. After working full-time at my internship this summer, I certainly understand how my friends have so much time for social gatherings and other activities. I would have had that time if it weren’t for three online classes. (Side note: I still don’t know how I survived.)
Sure, my assistantship means I don’t work “full time”. I have some flexibility in when I work. However, I do treat my classes like a full time job. I take going to each and every lecture seriously. These classes are often in the evenings or on weekends. Turns out weekends are a very popular time to have weddings - who knew? My friends who are getting married do not understand graduate school, or why I felt I needed another degree. They simply think of their own college days and believe I’m able to get away for their weddings.
I wish...
The reality is, attending weddings while balancing the readings and assignments involved for being academically successful in graduate school is tough. Relocating to a different region of the country has ruled out many weddings. I still send a card congratulating the couple if I was invited, although gifts can be tough as the disposable income of a graduate student is laughable.
Good luck to all of you who are with me in balancing the graduate student grind of school, your assistantship, and the personal life.

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