Walk the Line: Balancing Commitments

by Katie LaSota

As I write to you this week, I am finally unwinding from a busy weekend and meeting packed Monday. While the semester has just started, I have already found that we are in the full swing of the semester. One highlight from my week is that I am finally back to playing roller derby after a leave of absence to make work commitments. This weekend was full of derby related events including a charity fundraiser for breast cancer. On Friday I had some roommate situations arise and become more of a priority that needed to be addressed immediately. So over the weekend, I tried to balance my derby commitment along with helping a resident with some room concerns. It became really challenging to be available and present with my personal commitment that had been planned for months.

This weekend left me with a lot of thoughts/questions about job commitment and teaching students.

1. Are we too available to help residents/students?

2. When do we challenge students to handle conflicts on their own?

3. Are we comfortable with letting our students be uncomfortable?

4. Is it unreasonable to be checking email outside of work hours? Where is the line?

5. What are reasonable expectations of Student Affairs staff?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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