My Dad and Phil Dunphy are the Same Person

by William Takewell

Modern Family (returns on September 25!) is one of my favorite shows to watch. It reminds me of my own family, the family I’d like to have one day, and just entertains me to no end. If you’ve never had the opportunity to watch an episode here’s some background. Phil Dunphy is the father of three children and the husband of Claire Dunphy. Phil is often the off the wall character who comes up with bizarre inventions, has strange family analogies he uses for teachable moments with his kids, and is often giving the most random looks (Please observe below).

My Dad and Phil Dunphy are the same person. I say that with the greatest amount of confidence. My father has always come up with some of the most “original” inventions and repair ideas (read as “I didn’t know you could use duct tape for that…”), swears by body hair being a natural filtration system for your sweat, and has the funniest stare. I realize I have probably made my father sound extremely weird, but aren’t most dads a little strange? It’s what makes them kind of great.

I say all of this because just like Phil Dunphy, my dad is one of my personal heroes. In fact, I would go as far as to say my dad is my role model. If I can one day be half of the father that he has been, I think I will be in great shape. My dad never finished high school, but was determined to be successful and supportive of his family. He has worked to raise three of us under sometimes very challenging situations to be hard working, contributing members of society… or at least I hope we are. Just like Phil Dunphy, my dad has loved and supported his children unconditionally…. Through the late night “I’m in trouble…” phone calls, car problems, and nearly catching the house on fire (only a couple of times).

I love you Dad! Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to watch the Saints take down the Dirty Birds with you on Sunday! Who Dat?!?! 

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