Looking to the Future and the Next Year Ahead

By Luis H. Garay

Sunday morning I woke up somewhat early for a weekend. I followed my usual morning routine of getting up and getting ready for the day. However, I had decided that this day was going to be a productive day: getting breakfast, doing laundry, and working on homework. By noon I had done the first two and was getting ready to start the third.

This kind of focus and determination took me a little by surprise. “Focus”, however, is a good word for how I see the next year of my life as I enter my last year of graduate school. The topic of this post probably would have been better in early August but now that September has begun, I have started to develop a routine and feel more grounded.

What is in store for the next year? For one, grad work and lots of it! This year academically is about difficult courses that I have little background in (Fall 2013: Law in Higher Ed, Governance and Finance, and Student Development) and a fair amount of research (Spring 2014: Seminar, College Student, and Diversity). Amidst all of this will be different social activities with my cohort and those in my program but also deepening those connections as well. A part of me feels like this is senior year of college all over again—which for me was two years ago— and there being a finish line in the not-so-distance horizon.

Also in the next year will be the job search and the transition from student affairs graduate student (#sagrad) to student affairs professional (#sapro). This itself is something I’m both excited but also nervous about. How will the job search go? What area of student affairs is right for me? Which region of the United States (or abroad!) do I want to go?

I’m focused and determined. I am focused on finishing my time as a grad student academically strong. I am determined to make myself, my family, and all those who have supported me proud. I am not so focused on academics that I do not spend time living in the moment and making this last year a wonderful time with wonderful friends . I am not so determined that I am not afraid to fail so I can learn and grow, I am not afraid to continuously gain knowledge about this field, the students I work with, and myself, and I am not willing to just sit and let this last year pass me by.

Where will I be on September 8th, 2014? I can’t tell you where but I am enthusiastic for how I get there.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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