Life is Life

By Jenni Kraft

So this week I’ve been giving a lot more thought about balancing my work/life situation. Recently, I have made time to call distant friends and family, hang out with my new friends here in Sherman, TX, and go to church. Those things sound simple enough, but looking back to my first year in my role, I can’t say that I did enough of any of them. I understand that your first year there is a lot of learning to do as you get acquainted to the new position, camps, and students! I can say I really did a lot of learning in my first year, but this year has been a completely different feel. I’m getting to plan ahead for all the events and tasks I know are coming up and now I have less hesitations on having my input and changing things up. Now that I believe I am a bit more comfortable in my role and campus, I am almost getting the feel for defining the “life” side of my… well (for lack of a better word), life.

My biggest change, even since I was in college, is that I have actually found a church that actually works for me! I wasn’t the type of student that went every week in my undergraduate or graduate years (like that was so long ago). But, now with everything starting to fall into place, I’ve been able to attend church regularly and get excited about it again. It does lift me up and provide time for me to reflect on me and my spiritual relationship.

Another big aspect of my life is my family and friends. I must say that was something I felt I was lacking last year. I worked so hard each semester to get to go home at least every 3 months so I could see my family and friends, and even then it wasn’t enough. Now, I still look forward to my trips home to see my friends and family, but I try to make more time to call or Skype them and catch up in between visits. My favorite thing recently has been to “Snap Chat” them (or send them photos) and vice versa, especially when my sister sends me photos of my 5 month old niece! In addition, I can say I now have a stable group of friends in my new hometown and it has been nice to be able to hang out with them in any form of down time we have during the semester! So, if you’re in your first year as a professional: Hang In There! Stay excited about all the learning you are doing and even get wrapped up in it! You will get to a point where you will be able to breath and not have to tell people no “I have a program” J At least that’s the light I’m starting to see (until homecoming week at least)!

~Jenni with an “I”

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