Kicking Off the New School Year

by Jenni Kraft

This past weekend was move in and orientation for Austin College (I know, a week after everyone else)! Of course we had a full schedule of events and activities for the new students to get involved with and our Student Life Office headed most of them. The first step was getting them all moved in! This was exciting because we got to see the faces of the next four years of promising Austin College students… and of course their parents too! As part of their transition to the college, we of course had many welcome sessions that introduced them to the campus culture and dos and don’ts! Study Smart! Risky Choices skits! Harassment Prevention! Taking Notes! All the exciting intro courses!

In addition, each year we like to do team builders and give the freshmen class an opportunity to get to know one another. Last year we stayed on campus so we could be there to support our football team for its home game! Well this year we didn’t have a home game so we got to take each student out to our beautiful Lake Campus for these team builders! Yes, AC has a lake as part of the campus, but no, not very many classes are taught out there… it’s just to enjoy!

AND to be more exciting: in the evenings my Campus Activities Board took over! We had a dance party on our graduation court;

Followed by a night “At the Movies” in our theater room; A Music Night with Preston Leatherman (this is him and his after show groupies);

And one of my favorite programs year round: Monte Carlo Night!

With all of these exciting events going on each day, I must say… I’m exhausted! However, they were all truly great events and I am very excited to kick off the year with this incoming class! With that all said, how have all your first days gone?

~Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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