It’s Not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle Change.

By: Christina Ferrari

Freshmen year of college I had all 8:00am classes. I was that girl, I had them all back to back so I would be finished by noon. Why? So I could hit the gym for two or three hours a day and finally get the body I wanted. Five years ago that was my mindset, instead of gaining the Freshmen Fifteen I lost twenty two pounds in ten months. I was determined to look like something from a magazine because I never had that and I thought college was the golden time where I could finally be in perfect shape. While I thought I looked good, I felt awful and worried my friends and family because I was not balancing my exercise regime with enough healthy calories. I had always had an uphill battle with my weight, due to health issues and an inconsistent plan; I started dieting in fifth grade and yoyo dieted my way through junior high and high school. I went through spouts of unhealthy behavior on both sides of the spectrum: from binging and not caring what size pants I wore to skipping meals and having only water and a yogurt for lunch, my relationship with my body for a very long time was damaging and emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting. 

Now with that phase of my life behind me, I still struggle to find a healthy weight and body image. My workout and diet plan of college and my teen years was unsustainable and unhealthy, and since that first year in college I ended up slowly putting the weight back on…and then some when I started graduate school. Between classes, internships, homework, and assistantships time for health and fitness has been consistently pushed down on my priority list. But I realized since graduating college that life will never stop—there will always be something going on in your life that you can use to convince yourself to “start dieting tomorrow” or that “there isn’t time to work out”.

Enough excuses. We are given one body to last us a lifetime, and if we treat it right it will help us sleep better, look better, de-stress better, and perform better. I know with my genes and body type I probably will never be a size 0. I’ve learned to accept that because of the war I waged on my metabolism over the years, losing weight could be more difficult for me than most. But, I need to make a commitment to myself. Not to reach 1XX pounds by the end of the school year, but to commit to living healthfully in a way I haven’t really done before. To live a life where fitness and healthy, nutritious eating trump any cleanse, fad diet, or health craze. To make the time to care for myself in this way and rebuild a relationship with my body and wellbeing.

My lifestyle change starts now. What about you?

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