Happy Twitter Anniversary to Me!

By: Luis H. Garay

If any of you use Tweetbot, you know that in your profile the app shows when you joined Twitter. For me that date is September 2012; more specifically, September 10, 2012 (thanks Twitter archive feature!). Since this month is my Twitter anniversary (Twitterversary? Twitversary?), I wanted to celebrate this social media milestone. More to the point, I will use this week’s post to reflect on what the micro-blogging site has meant to me as a student affairs graduate student.

I am not new to Twitter. In a previous life (read: during my time at college) I had my first actual twitter account. This account though was used as a Facebook-lite, I would tweet Facebook-like statuses: thoughts on the day, where I was hanging out with friends, and new music I was listening to. On the occasion (okay, fairly often), I would tweet celebrities in the hopes they would reply. As the days of undergrad came to close and a new journey began as a graduate student, I wanted to cement myself in my identity as a student affairs graduate student and future student affairs professional. So, I created the Twitter account I have now.

Not being exactly sure what to make of this account, I did what mostly everyone does in a new social media website: find your friends! I went through and added (or, “follow” in Twitter-speak) friends and people I knew. It was then that a friend and fellow student affairs graduate told me about the various hashtags that were used by graduate students and student affairs professional. A couple of days later on September 13, 2012 I participated in my first #sachat. Following the #sachat, I felt on my way to being cemented in the student affairs Twitter-verse (or, “Twitter universe” in non-Twitter speak).

In the time since my first #sachat, I have done two major things: read and explore. I read everything and anything that the various people I follow post: from articles on the state of current higher education to what MOOCs mean for college students. Through the #sachat community, I have discovered and explored other communities such as the #SAGrad, #OLChat, and #AcAdv. These communities (specifically, #OLChat and #AcAdv) have helped me not only understand the work and the values of each group but also stay up-to-date on news and trends. Within the #SAGrad community, I am abl
e to read and see what various student affairs graduate students (like me!) are up to.

If you are new to Twitter as a student affairs graduate student or professional or thinking about joining Twitter, I hope my blog post this week can help you! Time and time again, I am amazed by the resources that are available to us in this field through Twitter. Also, if you are looking for resources this community will help how they can, both in the general student affairs sense but also if you are looking for a specific area of the field. 

What would a social media post be without a shameless plug? If we are not connected or if you have any questions from my post, follow me on Twitter (@LuisHGaray) and ask away!

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