From Leader to Advisor

by Christopher Wood

As a first-year graduate student, one of my hardest transitions has been the transition from student leader to advisor. I currently advise the hall council in my building and I absolutely love it. However, at the beginning of the year I caught myself completely leading the meetings and overpowering the executive board. I was really happy when my hall council leadership team suggested that they run the meetings. When they suggested this, I thought to myself, “DUH!” I have been so used to being the leader in my organizations that I did not realize that I no longer had the responsibility of being the person up front leading the group, but I now had the responsibility of giving advice to those that are the people up front leading the group. This, in some ways, is less stressful than my old role, but in other ways is a lot scarier since I am the one being consulted on important questions. How have you managed the transition from being the student leader to being the advisor?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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