Student Leadership Summitt

by Jimmy Kelly


Last Friday marked the second annual Student Leadership Summit at Stetson.  Centered on strengthening our current student leaders and providing resources and opportunities for new student leaders to hone their skills, the Leadership Summit is one of my favorite times to present.  The students were engaged, excited to be there, and thirsty to learn how they can better themselves.  As supervisors, we may sometimes find ourselves having to steer our student leaders in the direction of a desired outcome, and other times, the students just get it.  Challenging the students to take ownership of their tasks provides for a great developmental opportunity that will stick with them and teach them what is necessary to succeed.  During a past leadership retreat, we showed a Ted Talks video that discusses how great leaders inspire action.  As stated in the video, they are all driven by a purpose, by a “why”.  As cultivators of leaders, we must remember our “why” as well, why do we do what we do?  That passion is what ignites us and motivates us to make an impact in our students’ lives.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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