A Balancing Act

By Maritza Torres

A colleague, who is a higher education graduate student, shared with me the following excerpt from “Beginning Your Journey,”

New professionals will benefit by establishing a work routine that shows that they value their health, their personal and family commitments, and their own sanity, as well as their professional commitments." (Amey andRessor ,2009).

She then told me “You are good at balancing.” In which my response was, “If I look sane I must be doing something right!”  

I do not know if anyone can relate but I constantly have 5 million things running through my head at the same time. Whether it’s my next meeting, conference proposals, readings, or scheduling trainings my mind is constantly running. However, one of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten from my mentors was to always make time foryourself. I make sure to pass on the same piece of knowledge to my students and higher education graduate students. I tell them that at times this job can get overwhelming and you can get burnt out. I advise them to find things that will help you maintain balance and will give you an outlet. My outlets vary from time to time but mostly consist of working out, making time to talk to friends from home, reading, and indulging in seasons of TV shows (Just finished The Newsroom!).  These things seem second nature to me so I never realized that it was actually a balancing technique and it does help me rejuvenate from a long week at work.  

I also try to get involved in things outside of work that still contributes to my professional development and to be honest keep me sane! I advise a chapter of my fraternity, write for this fabulous blog, and I’m involved in the Latino Knowledge Community for NASPA. These experiences have created a wonderful network of colleagues and students that give me a greater perspective on the student affairs profession as well as my work as a professional.Besides all these involvements through I ALWAYS take the time to center myself and do things that help me keep my sanity :-).

Amey, M.J. & Reesor, L.M. (2009). Beginning your journey: A guide for new professionals in student affairs.United States: NASPA.

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