by Jenni Kraft

During my Campus Activities Board (CAB) officer retreats, one of the exciting training sessions that the president, Brian, and I facilitated was a friendly competition between the officer board. The situation was that the president of the college approached CAB requesting a weekend one day program that she would sponsor for up to $15,000. With all that said, it had to be something that she would say, “That was worth it!” meaning a good portion of the campus attended and that the money was spent wisely. Brian and I gave them 45 minutes to brainstorm, research, draw up a budget proposal and all the steps in between. Honestly, I partially expected them to pull out a program that we have done before: a big music concert, comedy night, large campus game event, etc. I was pleasantly surprised that my students really took this idea to heart and even took the time to design their presentation (who was going to say what, providing visuals, etc. They were able to switch from their energetic selves to paraprofessionals as they presented their proposals from their handshakes and introductions, to their question responses and closure. Brian and I were so happy with the results that we couldn’t decide who the winner was. Instead we decided that we wanted the two groups to continue to work on their programs further and present them to our director. To be honest, I wanted to show their hard work off to my boss J Since then we’ve had an officer discussion on the presentations and how to improve the programs and they will be submitting their final proposals this week. I am looking forward to even more growth in the program but more so in my student’s development! The kicker is… we may actually be able to make one of their programs happen J Here’s hoping!

~Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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