You Need Some Culture

by Tamera Dunn

While sitting at the kitchen table with my two roommates, one of them told me “You need some culture.” I thought this was a bit odd, because I’ve been a Southern transplant for a little over a year now and have definitely done a fair bit of exploration.

This is probably a good point to mention something many find odd about me: I do not watch television. It seriously took me five minutes just to figure out where the “off” button was on the remote last week when I was the last person awake. So, when my roommate turned on “Wild ’N Out” on MTV2, I figured I was in for a new type of culture shock.


While I admit to having a (mostly secret) love for rap music, this show takes the rap culture to a whole new level. It reminded me of some of my initial experiences with residents last year who grew up in the Atlanta culture - a far, far cry from my own upbringing where most left their radio knob on country 24/7. I did not understand where the girls got their fashion advice or where either group had learned their particular dialect. I only knew that I needed to accept and work toward understanding.  

One of the things one can never predict is the type of cultural background someone brings to the table. Each day, I am surprised by something new about one of my roommates, a classmate, or a student. It is refreshing to know the influences can come from anywhere, at any time provided you are open to listen, observe, and learn.

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