Vulnerability is a GOOD Experience

by Tamera Dunn

Grasping for belonging. Striving to be friends with someone new. Slowly easing your new acquaintances and coworkers into the intensity of your personality. Trying to learn a bit more about your new co-workers. Why yes, it is August - and the struggle is very real as we begin a new academic year.

This TED Talk in particular has always been one I use to remind myself of the necessary values needed to be a successful, productive member of society who is able to truly show a sense of authenticity. This process is not simple, as I employ many pep talks to myself to be okay with being necessarily vulnerable.

If you truly want something, you have to go for it. You have no guarantees of success, glory, or acknowledgment for your work. You may plunge yourself into a relationship with someone new but be afraid to express your feelings to the other person first (not sure this is what you were trying to say?) (you know, in case they aren’t mutual).

In this TED Talk, one sentence in particular that sticks out to me is this one: It is neither good nor bad, it is what it is.

Being vulnerable is an emotional reawakening. Challenge yourself to be vulnerable. The vulnerability conversation is NOT one you hear in trainings or orientations, but one I believe all #SAFirstYears should hear.

Have any tips or thoughts on your own level of openness with being vulnerable?

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