Title: First Day of School! First Day of School!

Maritza Torres

Does anyone remember the part in Finding Nemo when Nemo wakes up his dad and starts screaming “First Day of School! First Day of School!”  That was definitely on my mind today as UM started classes today!  

For those that do not know the University of Miami just opened a brand new student activities center today! My office was able to move in earlier this summer and seeing the transition of this beautiful building has been amazing. For the past 3 months my colleagues and I were the only ones in the building. It wasn’t really open to students at the time since construction was still taking place. However, today once the Student Activities Center was open it was so nice to see the building come to life! Students are walking around with eyes wide open in utter amazement of the new space! I saw some students taking pictures with friends, hanging out in the student organization suite, and sitting and chatting with friends in the lobby.  I definitely felt their excitement and energy and it was so nice to have the building come to life!

Today I also had my first meeting with the student organization I advise! I’m very excited to work with a group of motivated student leaders and cannot wait to see what they have to offer the University of Miami. As crazy as last week was with orientation events and programs, today really put into perspective why I do what I do. So far the school year is off to an amazing start! I need to remember moments like these whenever I’m feeling burnt out or unmotivated because in the end it’s all worth it!

I hope everyone has a fantastic school year!

And for my Finding Nemo fans: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWXOurnVTYg

Student Affairs - the First Years

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