The Perfect Shot

by Stefanie Lucas

Move in week on a college campus always seems to be one of the most special times of year. Oftentimes folks look back on orientation or welcome week experiences with great pride. Many of my dear friends (including my partner) I met during my first week in college, so I always think about how important our role is to make students feel at “home.”

This Colorado State University (CSU) first year student was selected out of the audience at a pep rally during Ram Welcome week. He had three tries to make a half-court shot for a years worth of in-state tuition covered by CSU athletic coaches. He made it on the first try.

Talk about a memorable welcome week! As an alum, it sure it awesome to see this video! Go Rams!

Hope all of your move-in days, welcome weeks, orientations, and first days of school are going well!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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