The Mentor Search

by Tamera Dunn

Finding the right mentor for you can be hard. Especially if you, like myself, are an Introvert with a capital “I". So, for my fellow introverts, I felt it important to begin the conversation in August so you can challenge yourself to begin the creation of a mentor/mentee relationship. For those of you who are the extroverts of the world, it is my hope you will better understand some of the inherent challenges for anyone regardless of their social approach to the life of being a graduate student attempting to take some great advice.

One program in particular, sponsored through ACPA, really helped me to better understand and think about how to push myself to slowly inch out of my comfort zone and become a good mentee. Prior to participating in the #saGROW program for the first time, I was rather blind to the efforts of some strong mentors in my life who had helped me change the “Oh, I don’t know...” responses and self-doubt into confidence of my own capabilities within the field of Student Affairs.

As a current ACPA Ambassador, I certainly encourage anyone and everyone who is either a current graduate student or a new professional to sign up and be a mentee. The program is coordinated through weekly emails with suggested conversation topics. The success of your mentor/mentee relationship is dependent upon the level of commitment you and your mentor place into the program. While my mentor was actively job searching the prior time I participated, we still managed to have a strong connection, which continues to this day.

If you are interested in the #saGROW program, you can read more here before signing up:

Let me know if there are other ways you have tried to grow in the extroverted world of Student Affairs. 

Also, feel free to follow @ACPAsaGROW on Twitter for news and updates!  

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