Networking to New Hire!

by Jenni Kraft

A few weeks ago we suddenly lost one of our Area Coordinators due to her husband being offered a teaching position at another campus. Whoppers! Well that meant the search was on to fill the position. The campus posted the position and I did my part by posting it on every network I had (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, groups in each of them, emails, etc.). Well I was super excited to hear so much feedback from my posts, tweets, emails and such! I had people asking questions about the posting, sharing interest, and even making recommendations for me!

One person in particular let me know that he was interested in the position and that he would fill out the application that day. This was one of my Student Affairs friends that I made at NASPA last year! WE met at a NODA social and have since messaged each other randomly since to keep up just a bit.

Well believe it or not, my staff pulled his resume and were very interested in him. He went through the interview process and has, since then, already started working with us this week! We were both really excited that we met at NASPA and can’t wait for the upcoming school year to start. The WOO (Winning Others Over from Strengths Quest) in me is so happy with the results!

So, the lesson is, networking works! Have any of you had anything similar happen?!

~Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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