Faculty Partnerships

by Christopher Wood

I have learned over my short amount of time in our field that partnering with faculty can be one of the most rewarding experiences for our students. It is through working together as Student Affairs professionals and faculty that we can really help students succeed in the classroom, as well as outside of the classroom.

My current institution is doing a fantastic job at creating these partnerships. I am excited to be working here during the first year of our program that is basically First Year Experience for Sophomores. (If you would like to see more specifics on this program, please visit step.osu.edu). It seems that the whole purpose of this program is to engage our students with faculty outside of the classroom. We have had drilled into our heads that “students who interact with faculty outside of the classroom end up being more successful than those students who do not.”

The RAs in my building are also doing a lot of programming with faculty. This year, each RA in my building will partner with at least one faculty member per semester to create a program of some sort. The goal is for our RAs to work with a faculty member who is not a part of the aforementioned Sophomore program. The planned outcome with this is to begin out-of-classroom engagement with faculty during the first year.

What has been your experience in developing partnerships with faculty? What are some of the challenges? What are the benefits?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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