Be the Groundhog, Check in on Your Surroundings

By: Luis H. Garay

I don’t know why the image of a groundhog came to me for this week’s post. The image that I have of a groundhog is an animal that burrows in the ground, pops up from below in February, and takes in what is around. The image of burrowing and burrowing deep into the ground is similar to how I feel right now by virtue of it being the month of August. The month of August for many of us is a rather busy time where we are immersed in the work that we do.

However, a phone call earlier this week made me pop up from my work and take in my surroundings. A friend of mine had started graduate school this week and we were talking on the phone about their first classes. After the phone call I had a thought, how often do we get buried in our work that we forget to take the time to pop up and check our surroundings? I have definitely been guilty of working to the point where I create a bubble and do not see much beyond said bubble.

My challenge to you all is to be like the groundhog. Wherever you are in your work pop up and check in on the world around you. What is going outside your office, your institution, or your apartment? Your surroundings can be people too! You can check in on those surrounding by calling an old friend and seeing how they are doing, planning a time to get together with a colleague, or taking time to call your family.

What will you do to pop up and check your surroundings?

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