August Birthdays

by Maritza Torres

So this past weekend (August 17th to be exact) it was my birthday.  As cool as it may sound to have a birthday over the summer it’s actually pretty rough. As a child I never got recognized for my birthday in class, in high school my locker was never decorated (that was the thing to do in my high school. It was a BIG DEAL!) , and usually my friends were on vacation or had summer plans.

Now working in Student Affairs my birthday has taken an interesting twist. One of my birthdays I actually had to work a housing opening! The 3rd weekend in August is usually a time for people in our field to have trainings, retreats, and events for the new semester. When the majority of your friends work in student affairs it’s very hard to plan a get together.

So this year I decided not to do anything for my birthday. I felt that people had too many other obligations and responsibilities that it was not worth it. Also, the introvert in me has been dying inside and just wanted to have some “alone time.” Since August 1st hit it’s been full speed ahead so needless to say I needed the some solace in my life.  The response I got when I told friends that I wasn’t doing anything on my birthday was overwhelming.  Friends were offering to take me to get dinner, drinks, or just spend the day with me.  Their responses made me realize a few things 1). I have some amazing people in my life that I’m truly blessed to know. 2). Never underestimate another birthday and to take advantage of the one day in the year in which you are able to celebrate your life and 3). As crazy as August is for everyone in Student Affairs it’s important to take some time to breathe and surround yourself with people or things that will make you happy.

On the day of my birthday I actually I attended a going away party for my roommate from graduate school that has left for Semester at Sea. I’m so happy I got to see her before I left and was surprised when her family actually sang happy birthday to me at her party!  It was an awesome time and I was very happy to be able to have spent the day with her and her family.

As for my birthday I’m fortunate enough to have friends that have treated me to drinks and meals all weekend. I got many texts, FB posts, messages, and phone calls all weekend as well! Next year I will make more of an effort to actually celebrate my birthday and surround myself with the people I love. As for this year I’m excited what this new year of life has to offer and cannot wait what adventures come my way.

Happy Birthday to all my fellow August SA professionals! 

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