Appreciate the Firsts

by Tamera Dunn

Some #SAFirstYears are already in the throes of training and are beginning to learn the ropes of their new positions while surrounded by a surprise family of mentors, supervisors, and equally enraptured coworkers. Some #SAFirstYears are nervously counting down the days and beginning to pack while wondering how they are going to make everything fit. Other #SAFirstYears are still frantically searching for assistantships. There are even a few #SAFirstYears who were so excited they have worked this summer, starting their assistantship early.

Regardless, it is important to stop and appreciate the firsts.

The feeling you had when you hit the big, scary 'SUBMIT' button with your first application.

The involuntary shriek when you were contacted for you first interview.

The moment you realized you found the right program to further your education.

The job offer.

These firsts – and many more – all shape us into the graduate students and future #SAPros we will be with some molding, shaping, and of course that ever-handy degree.

After you settle in at your new home, never forget the value of a first. From signing your first contract to the rush of school spirit at an athletics event, opportunities abound. The nerves that accompany your first paper, proofread by anyone you see with a pulse due to your paranoia (okay, just mine) will never be forgotten, complete with the feverish final edits just moments before it is due. The group project bonding (Team French Toast forever!) is invaluable. Cohort love, as unlikely as it initially may seem during your first orientation or first few classes, is an incredible link which knows no bounds.

Appreciate, value, and treasure the firsts. Quite often, the firsts are what propel you to keep moving, loving, and living each moment of this crazy new life.

Don't let the first time you say “yes” to a new experience be the last.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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