Adventure Education with Super RA’s

Today, myself and another staff member had the pleasure of assisting with RA training (for those into social media, give our RA’s a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using the hashtag #StetsonRA!).  I oversee the outdoor adventure program at Stetson and part of our program is Adventure Education.  For those of you who are not aware, Adventure education is the promotion of learning through adventure centered experiences.  It is the first stage in the many ropes course sequences.  Groups go through “portable ropes” (what Adventure Education is centered on), and move up to Low Ropes, followed by the High Ropes Course.  It is definitely a great way to challenge yourselves and your staff in a fun, safe, welcoming, and creative environment.  Many of your institutions likely offer this type of training through their outdoor program within Campus Recreation, and I strongly encourage you to get your staff involved.  There is ample reflection time and opportunities for students to work together in a team and learn from one another.  On top of that it’s definitely loads of fun!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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